Make the right move 

Stand beside a team of professionals

The choice is yours !


We believe that every client has his own visions and issues and seeks the optimal solution according to its needs. 

Our solution for each client is developed starting from this premise and we start constructing along with its business development strategy. 

Do you want your business to grow, so that you can manage it  in an efficient way, having a professional team alongside you and a profitable future?  Imagine the advantages that you would have sitting on the table with someone who has a real expertise in your field. Someone who will support your ideas and give them value. Think how is like to have next to you a full staff to contribute to the business development process, not just the project manager or board members. As a business owner, we know that you are very good at what you do. Even so, many entrepreneurs find that they can not cover the day-to-day  operations of running the  business. 

IMC comes alongside you, helping you to go through the road to success. We are business consultants specialized in implementing and improving organizational profitability management. We understand the many challenges facing today's competitive business because some of our associates have owned and currently own their business organizations. Your business will require more and more of your free time to keep it, much less to grow? Or, you face shrinking profits, low efficiency, even though you have tried everything you could try? Initiatives to improve results proved disappointing, despite all your efforts? Your business refuses to recover? 

We can help you by: 

- Reducing operating costs; 

- Reducing business risk; 

- Create brand value; 

- Generating revenue from new sources 

- Transforming the company into a market leader.